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Gigi  Pile of Cute

Patience, Care, and Compassion

Every animal has a unique personality and disposition.
Because of this, every special bundle of love needs to be cared for differently.
 This always requires a unique person, with a lot of love and compassion.
 Whether you are blessed with a youngster or an older animal, you'll need, simply put, time and a big heart.
When you open your heart and your life, you can count on the fact that someone in fur is out there waiting for you.
They will find you, as my Gigi found me.
This is his story.


Gigi is what I like to call a superhero kitty.
When Gigi was born, one of a litter of four, he and his siblings were abandoned under a house next door to where I lived in Deltona, Florida.

Since the house had not been occupied for at least a year and the grass was about 12 inches high, his mother must have felt safe enough to give birth to him, his 2 sisters and 1 brother under the house, in the opening that was used as the electrical crawlspace.
There was a four foot concrete wall that surrounded the opening to the underside of the house.

As was my usual routine on a warm Florida morning, I was working in my garden next to the wooden fence that wrapped around the property when I heard a soft mewing. 
In my neighborhood, I was used to being called "Ellie Mae" by everyone since I was the one who ended up with all the stray cats and assorted wildlife when someone on my street found them and couldn't keep them or find them a home.
It was not unusual for me to have a neighbor knock on my door at ten at night to say, "there's a cat in your yard up the tree" or "can you take one more turtle we stopped for in the road?"

The meowing started to sound more urgent as I myself, made more noise and since it definitely was coming from the yard next door I quickly placed a chair next to the fence and peered over not knowing what I expected to see.
Amid the wave of tall grass I saw a tiny black and white object moving.
For every inch it moved, it meowed.

So I quickly ran next door and pushed open the wood fence door that was held shut by masonary blocks to keep intruders out and very slowly walked through grass I couldn't even see my feet in.
Thinking I might have made a mistake, and it might be a rodent or snake slithering though the unkempt yard, I turned, then looked down to an incredibly teeny tiny face looking up at me.
Being neither a fan of snakes or rats, I picked the little ball of fur up and hurried back to my yard.

I did not know it at the time, but Gigi had climbed the four foot concrete wall to get out, and get to where he was when I found him.

To this day I do not know how he did it.

I didn't know either, that he would be responsible for saving the lives of his two sisters.
One who now, is the "girl" in our family, Bastion.

Pictures of Gigi's sister and brother are shown on the other pages of this site, just click on the links above.

Since the start of his life with me over 14 years ago Gigi has not only earned the nickname "pile of cute" but he has touched the heart of everyone who has known him.
He is an extremely loving cat and makes a profound impression on anyone he meets.

Gigi has had a lot of trauma in his young little life.

When he was 3 years old he swallowed a rubber spider that he played fetch with.
He had to have emergency surgery to save his life and has changed a bit in his personality since the surgery, by being a little more afraid of anyone who tries to touch his belly.  

He has survived four separate hurricanes in Florida.

When we moved to Georgia, Gigi was diagnosed with feline diabetes and since then, he has led a very difficult life, needing two shots of insulin a day along with his medications.
On two occasions his sugar levels have dropped to under 20 which is life threatening as any diabetic knows.
Gigi has had feline diabetes for the last seven years.
He has also been diagnosed with glacoma, a result of the diabetes.

His care and medical supplies which includes two prescriptions, needles, insulin as well as testing supplies and frequent vet visits have been a struggle, which is why I decided to ask for help on his behalf and tell his story.

By making the public aware that feline diabetes exists and asking the good people out there in cyberspace to donate to help Gigi and or to donate to help find a cure for this disease is the very least I can do to show my gratitude for all that Gigi has done in my life and the life of his sister, Bastion.

Gigi showed up as my miracle when I needed him most, myself having suffered a stroke, back surgery, the death of 4 of my family members within 2 years time and the full time care of my mentally and physcially handicapped sister who lives with me and is my last living "human" family member.

I want everyone who visits this website to understand that I do not tell you about myself or my situation for sympathy.

I have been blessed to be here today despite being given last rites twice and know that my work here on earth is not finished yet.
There is much left for me to do.

"I am, however, telling you Gigi's story for a reason."

To let people know that it's not always humans who have difficult and challenging lives.

Animals endure too, sometimes hardships we never know or hear about.

Gigi is a blessing to me that I give thanks for everyday.
He has a strong will to live and enjoys every minute he spends with me, his sister Bastion and his brother Punkin. 
It is on his behalf, that I humbly ask for help in covering any part of his medical costs so that I can continue to give him the care, medications, as well as medical tests, and any help he needs to stay in my life for as long as he can. 

Please donate if you can, by clicking on any of the donate buttons on any page of this website.

It will take you to the secure website of Paypal.

And, if you are not able to donate anything at this time, please say a prayer that a cure can be found for all types of diabetes, human and feline.

When a cure is found for diabetes in humans,
the cure for the feline kind won't be far behind.

God Bless you.

Please go to and read about human and feline diabetes by clicking on the links found on this website.

I thank you, and Gigi thanks you.


Punkin, Gigi's brother has been diagnosed with feline diabetes also.
 He is now struggling with feline diabetes along with Gigi.

If you would like to make a donation to help Gigi, and now, his brother Punkin, please do so at www.paypal.com.
 Paypal is a secure site where your privacy and information is protected.
Gigi's email address at Paypal is 
Every donation will be acknowledged and you will be on an email list to get updates and pictures of Gigi.
You have my eternal gratitude for any help you can provide and shall be in my prayers.

Remember, when a cure is found for human diabetes, the cure for the feline kind won't be far behind.

God Bless
Donna Joyce

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