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We are still constructing this page. Please bear with us. We want to have a variety of useful and informative resources for you to learn about ways of interacting and caring for your pets. Thank you for your patience.

The following resources may help you develop a greater understanding of our animal companions.
 There is much to discover!
Gigi and I would like to ask that you donate anything you can to the human diabetes fund at:



And if you will, please read about feline diabetes here:

When a cure is found for diabetes in humans,
 the cure for the feline kind won't be far behind!

Organizations and Agencies


On the Web 

Click here: About Cats - All About cats and kittens - Cat Care - Cat Behavior - Cat Health


Books on the web

NOTE: The Web sites listed above are intended as resources only. They are not a substitute for professional veterinary care. We recommended consulting a certified animal trainer before beginning any pet training program.

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